Price Match

Pricing relates to time it takes to manufacture, 9 times out of 10. Over the years, we have analyzed the traffic and popularity of our products. The product designs we have available on our site are the most in demand. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, we will price match any advertised competitor and duplicate their manufacturing layers (if it differentiates from our standard) in order to match pricing. There is a reason why some companies are night and day difference in price. Our pricing is competitive for the quality that is received and is based on labor it takes to manufacture. We continue to tweak, add, and be more flexible in our business model in order to remain competitive in this arena without sacrificing quality. Please feel free to contact us regarding any request to price match. If we repeatedly get request for a particular pricing for a particular style of manufacturing, we will add it to our product list.

Problem is that for the normal customer, for example one cannot tell an MMA guard that is $69, $80, $90, or $100.

Below is a break down:

$69 – 2 layers – 4mm color and 3mm clear (you will see teeth contours, not much trimming time spent to smooth out)
$80 – 3 layers – 3mm inside color layer, 3mm outside color layer, 2mm clear layer to seal any graphics (more time trimming to smooth out the layers, you will not see much teeth contours – company logo to offset true retail cost)
$90 – 3 layers – same as $80 guard manufacturing but company logo does not have prime real estate but still exists on the guard to offset true retail cost
$100 – 3 layer guard minimum pricing with no company logo present anywhere on the guard, this is true retail cost of an MMA guard

The above pricing tier is what the market will bear on the internet.

I hope this cuts to the chase and helps many decide what type of guard is best for them and how pricing relates to time, advertising, etc…