Football Mouth Guards

Football Mouthguards

Don’t leave the fate of your protection to a coin toss. Our Football Mouth guards are the best in the business. We have equipped football players from amateurs to professional players with football mouth guards providing protection that athletes need to stay on top of their game. Just because you have a helmet, does not mean you do not need a football mouth guard. Having a properly fitted custom mouth guard for football creates space at the base of the skull which may reduce the risk of concussions and injuries caused by hits direct to the face mask. Each football mouth guard is hand crafted for better breathability, maximum protection, and performance. All our football mouth guards are made with 3 layers of heavy duty protection that all our semi pro mouth guards are made of and is between 2.5-3.25mm of thickness.


Step 1: Watch Self-Impression Video – Click Here
Step 2: Place Order and we ship you a self impression kit
Step 3: Mail us your impression with filled out labscript (Click Here)
Step 4: Once we receive your impression, we will manufacture and ship final product back to you

SPECIAL NOTE: For MMA and Boxing, please add HARDENED LAYER option for an extra $10. This will give added protection to ensure maximum shock absorption for extreme contact sports

SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping calculated on the cart covers us shipping to customers only

TURNAROUND TIME: Lab time is approximately 2 weeks, shipping time is not calculated in the lab time