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Custom Fitted Mouthguard

We specialize in manufacturing the only true custom mouth guard – the tightest fitting mouth guards in the industry. Custom mouth guards, mma mouth guards, boxing mouth guards, hockey mouth guards and custom guards for braces.

Professional and Semi – Pro’s in sports such as mma fighting, boxing and hockey agree on one thing….

High quality custom mouth guards are as important, if not the most important protection they have. Python Guards takes this to the next level, by providing custom mouth guards, boxing mouth guards, hockey mouth guards that have the tighest fit and can be called “Custom Mouth Guards”. We also specialize in mouth guards for braces; these are still the same customization that all our mouth guards are made of, but with a true understanding of how custom mouth guard for braces should be made.


Custom Mouth Guards are designed for all contact sports. Each mouthguard is hand crafted for better breathability, maximum protection and performance. It is the best fitting mouth guard you can purchase because we manufacture based on your dental impression.

Step 1: Watch Self-Impression Video – Click Here
Note: What size impression tray should you use? Click Here
Note: What does a good impression look like? Click Here

Step 2: Place Order and we ship you a self impression kit

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the Self-Impression video to take your dental impression. Mail us your impression with a filled out labscript (Click Here)

Step 4: Once we receive your impression, we will manufacture and ship final product back to you

TIP: It is important when taking your self impression that you bite down all the way. If your impression only captures the teeth we can only manufacture covering only your teeth. It is ideal to capture your gums as well.

TIP: If the temperature in your environment is warm, please put the containers with the enclosed putty base and catalyst in the fridge for up to 30 minutes. This will allow you more working time with the material so it will not harden too fast.

RECOMMENDATION: Place your lower bite for added protection (INSTRUCTIONS)

LIGHT CONTACT: If you participate in light contact sport and desire a 2 layer mouth guard instead, you may do so by adding 2 Layer MG option to subtract -$30 to your order. HARDENED LAYER may not be combined with this option. We will VOID your order if HARDENED LAYER and 2 LAYER MG options are chosen together.

SPECIAL NOTE: For MMA and Boxing, please add HARDENED LAYER option for an extra $10. This will give added protection to ensure maximum shock absorption for extreme contact sports. Placing lower bite is a STRONG RECOMMENDATION. Click HERE for instructions.

SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping calculated on the cart covers us shipping to domestic US customers only via USPS Priority Mail. Please mail impressions to:

1760 W 6th Street, #100, Corona, CA 92882

TURNAROUND TIME: Lab time is approximately 2 weeks, shipping time is not calculated in the lab time

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Plain Guard


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Guard with Writing


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MG w/Multi-Clr Text


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MG w/2 Color Split


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Fang Mouth Guard


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Fang Color :

Guard w/Marble


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MG w/3 Color Split


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Guard Color :
Text Color :

MG w/Custom Logo


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Guard Color :
Logo :

MG w/Clr Graphic


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Guard Color :
Graphic :

MG w/Shadow Layers


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Thank You

We appreciate you taking the time to view our website. We know there may be questions that may not be answered on our site.

Please call us with any questions that you may have. We walk you step by step throughout the whole process if needed. We aim to educate and to provide you with great customer service.

Minimum order of 5 mouthguards required

Team discounts start at 10%

Some Of our Special Services For Teams Include:

Choose your own design
Protective Case
Expedited manufacturing time
Personal assistance at your location (Minimum order required) (Southern California)
Priority mail shipping and group shipping rates available

Please call 877-303-6180 for your special team discount.

We take care in customizing your mouth guard according to how you like it. Whether it is text, fang mouth guards, flag mouthguards, custom logos, etc., we can achieve and place most graphics that customers want. Below is a sample gallery of our work:

Please take a look at our Facebook gallery for more samples of our works. Click Here

Many athletes, from professional level to amateur trust the quality of mouthguards that we manufacture. Here are some of the comments that athletes are saying about our athletic mouth guards.

May 24, 2014: I just received my mouth guard, the design is better than I thought it would be. I tried it on and I did not want to take it out. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this earlier, Thanks! – Tim L. (Norwich, CT)

March 28, 2014: @ectolentino Makes the dopest mouthpieces! Thanks for the new piece! #mouthguards #boxing #hawaiianpunch #teamviloria #gear – Brian V. (Wildcard – Hollywood, CA)

March 20, 2014: got my mouthguard today..super comfortable!great job! above and beyond my expectation! great costumer service and fast result.5 stars out of 5! – Eduardo A.

March 5, 2014: Professional review at – Click Here – Ana Julaton (Mayweather Boxing – Las Vegas, NV)

February 25, 2014: Hands down “The Best Mouth Guard Ever”.. The craftsmanship top notch and the customer service is through the roof..Every question I had was answered so quickly no day or 2 wait he answered same day…This company actually cares about their customers… I appreciate everything you guys have done for me… – Jay M.

February 19, 2014: The best mouthguard period. Amazing master work with perfect protection …masterpiece! – Manny T. (Wildcard Boxing – Hollywood, CA)

December 23, 2013: Truest of company around great customer service great individuals quick at getting your MouthGuard out I will refer them to all I know until they are no more – Casey H.

November 22, 2013: Thank you so much. Boiled them and they fit great. We love them!!! – Ruotolo Bros (Art of Jiujitsu/Mendes Bros – Costa Mesa, CA)

November 10, 2013: Just did one of the mouth guards. I tried one so I could see how it fit. It is very impressive. For me it is comparable to my dentist made mouth guard. It is exactly as you described it would be. Very happy with this product. – Robert O. (JIL Gym, Oahu)

October 30, 2013: The custom fits like a glove after I spooned the canines out just a touch and fit my bottom molars! It is absolutely great!!! Now for your BNB: All I can say is DAMN! It fits 80-85% as well as the custom and it locks on to my upper teeth; I’ve never had a BNB do that! Easy to fit as well. You do need some tolerance to heat to do it right. I did put a small fold on the back, right, top but I was able to reheat and correct with a spoon. I reheated and fit it again and it is great! Great work and many thanks! – Brad R.

July 31, 2013: It is the most comfortable mouthguard I’ve ever used. I just have to do the bottom imprint one more time. I barely bit down. So one more should do it. Thank you again. For sure will come to you next time and recommend you. – Fernando (UFC Gym – Torrance, CA)

February 4, 2012: Just got the piece. It’s AMAZING man. First fit and it feels amazing doesn’t feel tight anywhere and looks gorgeous.. Great work guys! Can’t wait to train with it – Brian G.

February 3, 2012: Those are awesome. White is going to be nuts. So pumped… – Dave S.

December 20, 2011: Small mouth folks out there – I have been tortured for years with crappy boil n bite store bought guards that are just too big for my small jaw. PG assured me a custom guard would be much more comfy and dang, it is! I am thrilled with the fit and the artwork is cool, too! – Heather P.

December 1, 2011: Just tested out my guard in sparring tonight, thank you guys for a great guard you have surpassed my expectations and I almost do not even mind getting punched in the face anymore! Lol. – Michael M.

November 12, 2011: Love my mouth guard thanks for everything, your the best!! -Tommy

November 5, 2011: Just received my mouth guards and they look fantastic. Thanks for everything. I wanted to let you know I boiled the one in the case and then the other thicker one. I have used over 10 different boil and bite mouth guards in my 10 years of playing sports and these went off without a hitch. I only had to boil each once. The one in the case fits great and I feel more secured because I am a bigger guy and have a bigger mouth and it feels good. The other thicker bigger one fits just as good. I am going to use both for sparring and grappling. i am going to give the third one to a friend of mine who is a bit smaller than me and he is going to let me know how it fits. I am sure it will fit well. I really like how high up it goes. Also I was going to write a review on sherdog and compare you guys to ***** ******* and ** ******** custom boil and bites. You guys by far are head and shoulders better. From actually being able to custom, to customer service to quality its great. I am going to write that review after I have a full week of practice. Again thanks so much for everything. I appreciate it. – Brian

October 2, 2011: I bought a guard 2 years ago. It’s still kicking like a sleep twitch. Best guard ever! – James B.

September 14, 2011: How are you? Great I hope!!! I just wanted to inform you that I received the mouth guard yesterday. I have tried it on and it fits really well with no discomfort. Well done and I’m very pleased at how well it turned out. I will most definitely order another from you. I will also let my team mates know how pleased I am and opt for them to get one as well. I thank you for efforts and will spread the word. You take care and be safe. – Alex

August 1,2011: ‎Carson Gainey loves his Python Mouthguard – Carson G.

January 14, 2011: Best custom guards in the business!! – Harley W.

September 5, 2010: Best guards ive ever owned had them 2 years still fit like a glove – Barry L.

Athletes looking for quality “Custom MouthGuards”


JD Penn – Team Penn

BJ Penn – UFC / Team Penn

Michael Bisping – UFC / RVCA

Jessica Penne – UFC / RVCA

Jessamyn Duke – UFC / GFC

Shayna Baszler – UFC / GFC

Corey Anderson – TUF 19 LHW Champion

Reagan Penn – Pro Elite / Team Penn

Russell Doane – UFC / 808 Top Team

Earnest Chavez – UFC / Total MMA Studios

Myles Jury – UFC

Johnny “Hollywood” Case – UFC

Patrick “Bam Bam” Healy – UFC

Lorenz “The Monsoon” Larkin – UFC

Kenny Johnson – Blackhouse / Bolt Wrestling

James Moontasri – UFC / USA Taekwondo National Team / Blackhouse

Chris Camozzi – UFC / Gumm BJJ

Orlando Sanchez – Team Verdum / Kings MMA

Reuben Duran – UFC

Vinc “From Hell” Pichel – UFC / TUF 15

Mario “Handsome” Navarro – Bellator / RVCA

Ricky “IE Badboy” Legere – Strikeforce / Reign

James “Sandman” Irvin – UFC Gym Corona

Rashad “Sugar” Evans – UFC

Chris “Lights Out” Lytle – Sponsored by Fight Gear Inc. New York

Coty “OX” Wheeler – WEC (NHB Fight Gym, Albuquerque, New Mexico)NHB Fight Gym

Donnie Liles – Former IFL Fighter (Razorbacks)

Eric Faygas – Colorado Fight Factory

Brad Gumm – Former UFC Fighter and title holder of Ring of Fire

Cale Yarbrough – TUF 7

Ran Weathers – Jackson’s MMA

Melendez – Team Jeremy Horn

James Funny – Colorado Fight Factory

Velore Caballero – Colorado Fight Factory

U.S. World Grappling Team

Dan Barrera – TUF 7

Nick Bushman – Grappler’s Edge (Denver, CO)

Greg Jackson – Jackson’s MMA

Some Boxers you may notice:

Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin – WBO middleweight Champion

Ruslan Provodnikov – Wildcard Boxing

Vasyl Lomachenko – WBO Featherweight Champion, 2008/2012 Olympic Gold

Terence Crawford – WBO Lightweight Champion

Diana Prazak – WBC Super Featherweight Champion

Michael Farenas – Wildcard Boxing

Marvin Mabait – Fortune Gym

Ana Julaton – Mayweather Boxing

Dangerous Don Moore – Mayweather Boxing

Antonio DeMarco – Wildcard Boxing

Brian Viloria – Wildcard Boxing

Lateef Kayode – Wildcard Boxing

Zou Shiming – 2008/2012 Olympic Gold, 2005/2007/2011 World Title

Jantony Ortiz – Miguel Cotto Promotions

Vanes “The Nightmare” Martirosyan – Wildcard Boxing

Frankie “The Pitbull” Gomez – Wildcard Boxing

Taras Shelestuk – Wildcard Boxing

Ik Yang – Wildcard Boxing

Oscar Ahlin – Wildcard Boxing

Suhrab Shidaev – Wildcard Boxing

Fedor Papazov – Wildcard Boxing

Vitalii Kopylenko – Wildcard Boxing

Alexander Gvozdyk – Robert Garcia Boxing Academy

Hugo “The Boss” Centeno, Jr. – Wildcard Boxing

Some Muay Thai Warriors:

Jemyma Betrian – WBC World Bantamweight Champion

Other Sports & Activities:

Arizona Phoenix Mercury WNBA

Arthur Jones, Baltimore Ravens

Matt Scott, Arizona Wildcats

Force Training Group, RB Police Department

Fighters we’ve done mouthguards for:


Josh Pearson – Maryland

Sean Dyer – Georgia (Bellicose Fight Team)

Melendez -Utah (Jeremy Horn)

Ran Weathers – New Mexico (Jackson MMA)

Lynn Alvarez – Vegas (Legion BJJ) 3-1

John “Da Bullet” Fields – Carson, OH (Instigator Fight Team) 2-2

Jason Brown – Rapid City, SD (Ultimate Fitness) 2-0

Devon “The Savage” Schwan – L.A. (Legends MMA) Pro Debut

Harley “The Swede” Wallen – Michigan – Pro 13-0-1

Dom O’Grady – Michigan (Motor City Boxing) Pro 7-1

Christine Toledo – Las Vegas (Master Chan) Pro 14-2 Muay Thai


Carson Gainey – Ohio (Cincinnati MMA) Turning Pro

Anthony Stevens – Tennessee (SSF Fight Team)

Aaron Snyder – South Dakota (Carley’s MMA) 10-7 Amateur Turning Pro

Tym Frey – Pontiac MI (Ultimate MMA Training) 0-1

Chris Hall – Ft. Belvoir VA (Team Leo Dalla/Xtreme Tactics)(NOVA) 1-0

Jason “Papi” Hamilton – Georgia –

Jarrett Degusu – Knoxville, Tennessee

Brandon Roby – Waterloo, Iowa 6-0 (Team ROC)

Jason House – Iridium Sports Agency

Jerell Cephas – UFC Gym Corona

Custom Boil and Bites

Boil and bite mouthguards have always been a majority of what the public has bought.  Python Guards has always applied the highest quality of craftsmanship in all the product lines offered.  We now offer custom boil and bite mouthguards where the customer can design their own custom boil and bite mouthguard.  Our boil and bites are tailored for optimum thickness and each custom boil and bite mouthguard is hand crafted.  For instructions on how to form the BNB Mouthguard to your bite, Click Here.

Due to overwhelming demand for this product, our boil and bites have been re-branded into the new partnership known as “Shurfit™”. For more information please visit


Size :


Size :


Size :


Size :


Size :


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Size :


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